Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story

Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story
Book and Illustrations by Michelle Meade

Monday, November 21, 2011

Horizon's Grant Awarded for Children's Parade Puppet Workshop

                                               First Annual Christmas Children's Parade
                         Puppets Say,"Thank You!",to Salina Arts and Humanities'  Horizon's Grant,
                                                   Studio B, and Salina Downtown Inc.
                                       The Children's Giant Festival Style Rod Puppets in Progress at Studio B
                                                     await the parade for Sat Nov. 19th

       Michelle' Artisan Puppets held a children's Puppetry Workshop for children to create Festival style rod Parade Puppets. The workshop took place at the wonderful Studio B, in the Historic Downtown" Lee District" Salina.
             Sponsors are the Horizon's Sudden Opportunity Grant awarded through the Salina Arts and Humanities, written by Salina Downtown Inc. Director Phyl Klima: and Parade and Event coordinator.
              Michelle first became involved with Salina Downtown Inc. researching Buddy Lee, mascot of our downtown Lee District, which resulted in the first Buddy Lee Look Alike Contest which awarded Buddy Lee Bobble heads to the top winner and special one of a kind  chocolate "Buddy Bars" and Downtown Gift Certificates from sponsoring businesses. Shop in our Historic Salina Downtown for unique, charming and distinctive gifts for your holiday list.
          Today the Shoe Box gift project is holding their drop off site at Cross Roads Church, sending shoe boxes of gifts to children in need.
           Remember  to pick up something extra for local Toys for Tots.
Check the needs list for Ashby House, and local organizations  for travel size personal items and more.

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