Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story

Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story
Book and Illustrations by Michelle Meade

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"World Peace Through Communication Design?" Design is Taking Over the World. Art For Goodness Sake.

Design is taking over the world.  Art for goodness sake.
     Could it be? "World Peace Through Communication Design?"
       Why be patient and wait till after WWIII for "peace on earth", with all its dull radiation dust and extreme quiet? The world is loud and coming together on the global dance floor with the shouting silence of Design, yes, Art, right now, and we are all in it on it and doing it. Aware or not, just as sure as a Green and Yellow John Deer Tractor or Lady Gaga's next Wearable Art social  message, we are swimming in and breathing in design. Good thing we have our smart phones, YouTube and Google for gills.
      In this increasingly compacting time we all live in, the "cliche'" song: " Its a Small World After All", is both  for some, more painful and beautifully true than ever. ( Hey, I have always liked that ride, especially when repeated in rapid succession, when there is no line, right before closing, running breathlessly up the exit to entrance ramps. This curious Small World circuit training work-out includes repeatedly running on the random inclines, followed by deep breathing and extreme laughter on the pre-programed toy robo-boat ride, under the surveillance of  cute singing animatronic designed beings. Only effective if  repeated. at least three time as fast as you can in a row This exercise has the added advantage of curing  fear and anxiety in persons claiming to suffer from."puppet, clown" or other "scary doll" mental health themes.)

       With World countries coming out and coming of age, fresh knowledge driven populations are toppling dictators and rusty regulations as fast as we can delete texts.
      We all do share a common communication, now. We have one common world language.
Not a spoken or written word language, such as Spanish or Chinese, as news may report, their  populations and finances driving the world's economies. Not spoken or written word, but, design, art and images are our common language once again.
      Art speaks as our common world language now. Images, in design are our best communication tool as what was old is new again.
As we once all spoke with pictures telling stories, history and facts on cave walls,

    Design's impact is delivered through our common "dialect": technology.
Technology is personal now, if not, intimate.  Even  for those of us who  admittedly cry at computers, on occasion, while trying to learn  some newer application suddenly necessary system.

  Design is important. Design is everywhere. Really, whether intelligent, or some in need of intelligence art is everywhere and more so now than ever. We are sharing art more than ever in very web page, blog, ad and pop up, attachment or text add in graphic or animation. There is also resurgence of hands on, personal art, integrated art impacting lives and communities, like never before.

 Art out loud. Thank you art. Thank you design.

 Now... words and design.... that is my favorite. Words and design in action ( or inviting action )... even better.

 Please, communicate and share peacefully and productively, in design.

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