Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story

Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story
Book and Illustrations by Michelle Meade

Friday, May 11, 2012

Piano Pug, Night Sky and Dream Window, River Market Artist

Igor' The Piano Pug

My new Picture Book  in process, based on the true story of  Igor the Piano Pug

                                      The Night Sky

My Photography  and process for my new gated environments; Dream Window and Story Window;  mixed  media painted illustrations series. In the beginning...

"The People Watcher", read the tiny paper tag that came with this vintage bird. I find it very evocative, to myself and audience, readers... to show characters within and without the paintings and photographs. They are regarding the view and situation at hand, as if they may be deciding what may  take place next in the story... This will be devleoped into a short film as well as the artwork and story book.

This fellow wants to be be developed into a short Film as well as the artwork and Story Book.


The Market Artist

Meets the Red Hat Ladies

Which of the three versions do you find the most successful as a story telling photograph? Where you see no one's faces... or where you see more...? I think The first is the most effective as well as, it is at once a story teller,  mysterious and has a sense of humor. Reminded me of a bit of a Norman Rockwell scene.


Market Tulip Trilogy 

Which do you think is most successful as a photo out of these Market Tulip photos?

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