Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story

Peekaboo Moon a Bedtime Story
Book and Illustrations by Michelle Meade

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Art Spring Studio

 Letters to God; Father Son and Holy Ghost

#1 in The Prayer Wall Series

Detail of larger image: Gesso, paint and canvas & thread envelope & 3 feathers applied to reclaimed canvas in distressed wooden frame. Based on research on the "Prayer Wall in the Holy Land" and the interest in the way the world prays.

 Further research revealed Tibetan Prayer Flags, Japanese Prayer Drawers and Special Paper Folds for Prayers on String. If you have an interesting way we pray or try to communicate with God and the Universe, let me know so I may research further on 

As The World Prays.

Prayer Wall Series; #2 :

Call Across the Universe: Green.



Adobe PS Painting Adjustment over Original Art Work


#3 Prayer Wall Series; Call across the Universe; Clay

Living Famous Artist Gift Shop

"Van Coasters"

 What is our world famous artists were famous while they lived and stoked their own gift shops with their own items. This is a further exploration of my curiosity and to honor the tradition of nonsense and an off beat sense of humor where I contrast the human desire to consume "cheap" amusements and to experience "fine" art.




Each Van Coaster is inscribed with some Van Gogh-isms in his letters to his brother Theo from his room here in Arles. I Love Van Gogh and his paintings are rock stars in the world. It would be hard to find a place where starry night, some haystacks, a moonlight cafe, cypress trees or his famous bedroom where he was" to get some rest". What if he could have made his own Gift shop pieces and had his fame and fortune in pop culture while he was alive on the planet? Next up Toulouse-Lautrec- and Chagall's gift shop items.

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